I ship orders off 1-2 times a week depending on how many orders need to be sent out. This means it could take 2 hours for your order to ship or it could take 3-5 days.

Depends where you are, orders within Australia are a couple days, order to the US and UK are 1-2 weeks and orders to random obscure countries are 2+ weeks. Due to the current Pandemic situation this can vary but those are the times that I've been seeing.

Sometimes orders get delayed or left at post offices, I would first reach out to your countries post system as they are the ones who take over the delivery once the package arrives in your country. If they are unable to help then contact me at support@majorminis.com.au and I will help sort it out

There is usually a few days between when I receive an order and when I send it out. If you email me at support@majorminis.com.au with your order number and what you want your address to be, I can correct it before it gets sent out. If you do not do this then yea... not much I can do about that

Order Confirmation

9/10 this is because you put in your email incorrectly. If this is the case email me at support@majorminis.com.au with the name you put on your order as well as what email you want your order to. If the email is correct and it's simply a small glitch, I will resend the order confirmation email to you.


If your order arrives damaged, misprinted or missing items, email us at support@majorminis.com.au and we will send another one free of charge.

If you recieve your order in standard condition but decide you don't want it/want to swap it, it'll be a bit of a headache for everyone but we can make it work. You would be responsible for paying for the return shipping and upon me physically recieveing the model, I will issue a refund for the cost of the model but not shipping. If you wish to swap it for a different model then you will need to pay for shipping of the new model. You will be refunded/charged the difference between the old model and the new. I would just avoid this process if I was you though, it'll end up costing more than the model


The Majorkill mini range is in a constant state of expansion so any good idea about what model I should get made will likely eventually occur. It's just a bit of a slow process.

The models are 3D printed using ELEGOO Plant-Based 3D Printer Resin. We've chosen this resin as it is better for the environment, safer and has the exact same quality as standard resin.

When a model is 3D printed, it needs to be supported with thin light "sticks" called supports. We leave these on the model as we send them over to you. Firstly because they help protect the model during transist and secondly, it saves us alot of time and energy removing themselves - not to mention ensures the models aren't damaged by us removing the supports in an efficent and less careful manner.

Thing of them like the sprues for GW models - simply remove the model from them carefully and sand any areas that have been affected by the supports.

Although Major Minis use to sell all it's STLs, various reasons have forced us to stop this. Hence we no longer see STLs in any capacity and the only way to get Major Minis is via our official sales channels.