Patch Notes

Patch 1.0

Major Minis website Launch!
- (New Model) Lord of Blood added to the Store
- Terminator Lord readded to the store with improved supports
- STL files broken up to allow for more specific purchases
- Can now purchase in your own (or at least not Australian) currency
- Added a dedicated Customer Support agent (

Patch 1.01

- Reduced the size of Shark Daddy by 20% to make him a more lore friendly + useable on the tabletop as Tyberos
- Reduced the size of Kitten by 5% to make him scale better to Custodian Models
- Reduced the size of the Chaotic Squad by 7% to make them match official Chaos Models in scale
- NEW MODEL : Master of the Space Lions has just been released
- NEW MODEL : The Space Lion Squad are just been released

PATCH 1.02

- Fixed Space Elf Jester base warping (previously fixable by sandpapering)
- NEW MODEL : King Ork
- Added express shipping option for Australian orders - will implement international express soon